What’s The Difference Between A Tuxedo and A Standard Suit

While you may not have considered the differences between a tuxedo and a suit before today, the things that set them apart can truly be surprising. When attending a formal event such as a wedding, it is key that you show up both in style and wearing appropriate attire. It is important to know what a tuxedo is, what a suit is, and how to accessorise each one.

We promise that by the end of this article, not only will you be an expert on the differences between tuxedos and suits, but you’ll be able to stride into your next formal event with confidence, knowing you look and feel amazing. In the world of men’s formal wear, knowledge is power, and knowing how to dress to impress is like having keys to the kingdom.

It is important to understand that sometimes the terms tuxedo and suit are used interchangeably. In Australia, suit is the more popular term. If you’re ever unsure which suit is required, reach out to a men’s formal wear expert at Briggins and explain the details of the event – they will help point you in the right direction.



What are the Main Differences between a Tuxedo and a Suit?

At a glance, the most noticeable difference between a tuxedo and a suit is the use of, or lack of, satin or silk. Tuxedos usually have satin or silk features, sometimes on the lapels, pockets, or buttons. Tuxedos might even have satin or silk strips on their trouser legs. Tuxedos make a statement – they have fancy detailing, and really help you to stand out and dress up. Often you will wear a vest or cummerbund with a tuxedo, as historically it was considered rude to show the midsection with only a shirt. Some of the defining features of a tuxedo are the shawl lapel, black satin lapel, one button, single vent at the back, and side adjusters on the trousers.

Suits, while still formal and flattering, are usually a little bit more reserved in their appearance. While there are of course expectations to every rule, we expect that suits are worn with a longer tie and a simple shirt while tuxedos are worn with a bow tie and wing-collared shirt. You can define a suit by it’s notch lapel, two buttons, double vent at the back, and belt loops on the trousers.


How to know when to wear a Tuxedo, and when to wear a Suit

Now that you understand the differences between tuxedos and suits, which one should you choose for your next event? There are two key elements to consider when making this choice. Firstly, how formal is the event and secondly how comfortable are you in a suit or a tuxedo? For black-tie events, tuxedos are the go-to men’s formal wear option. If your event is in the evening, we can follow the 6 pm rule wherein you never wear a tuxedo before 6 pm. The main exception to this is of course if you are getting married! For your own special day, a tuxedo will help you stand out and feel like a million bucks.

Suits are fantastic for other formal events, as they can be dressed up or down to suit your needs. If you are ever unsure of what to wear to an event, the experienced tailors at Briggins can guide you through the styling process and help you find the perfect tailored suit for your next event.


Accessorising your Tuxedo and Suits

Styling suits in the world of men’s formal wear has changed a little in the last decade or so. While some men still opt for the timeless accessories of a cummerband, waistcoat, suspenders, and bowtie it is becoming more common to leave some of these elements out and opt for a tie instead of a bowtie. The important thing is tapping into your personal sense of style, and dressing to impress yourself as much as others. This is why Briggins specialises in tailored suits for men, made for you to your style requests. Choose your colour, fit, and more with our tailor-made suits right here in Melbourne.

Tie or open collarBow tie
Pocket SquareWhite Pocket Sqaure
Brow or Black ShoesBlack Patent Shoes
Any buttons on shirtBlack buttons on shirt
Man in Tuxedo
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Tailored Suits for Men for all Occasions

There is nothing better than wearing a suit made just for you. Suits can be modified to suit a multitude of occasions, and can even be worn as separate pieces; such as a suit jacket with more casual pants, or a full suit without a tie or open buttoned shirt. When you buy a high-quality suit from a tailor like Briggins, you are purchasing a suit for life.


Men’s formal wear doesn’t have to be complicated – once you understand the basics, you can take your look to the next level with ease. No matter if you’re attending a gala or a beach wedding, Briggins tailor-made suits are for men of all sizes and styles. We strive to help men feel comfortable and confident, no matter their background or experience with tailor-made suits.

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