The Ultimate Guide to Tuxedo Wearing

The Ultimate Guide to Tuxedo Wearing

Looking to channel your inner Ryan Gosling or Leonardo DiCaprio? Tuxedos are a timeless staple for formal events across the globe. A symbol of status, style and power – putting on your suit should feel like a transformation. To ensure you maintain the long-standing traditional tuxedo style, we have written up this ultimate guide for all guys wanting to feel their best in their tux. It’s time to shake up that martini and channel your inner James Bond with Briggins Ultimate Guide to Tuxedo Wearing.


What is a Tuxedo?

For most men, when they think tuxedo they think black suit. And while a tuxedo can be black, at its core a tuxedo is simply a formal suit designed for formal occasions that includes a bowtie, and matching suit jacket and pants. What elevates a tuxedo above a standard suit is the jacket style and materials – tuxedos are often made with worsted wool and a satin lapel, and can be decorated with detailing such as strips down trouser legs or patterned fabrics. 

A tuxedo will always have a shawl lapel or black satin lapel, black buttons on the shirt and a U-shaped waistcoat. Tuxedo suit pants have a size adjuster, rather than a belt loop. If standard suits are your reliable Toyota, then a tuxedo is your Ferrari. 


The Essential Rules to Wearing a Tuxedo

Let us be your new tuxedo coach; training you to become the next Mike Tyson of suits. To look your best, and to ensure you are indeed wearing a tuxedo and not just a suit, there are a few simple rules you have to follow. Taking the steps to maximise your look not only gives you confidence, it allows you to enjoy the process of putting on and styling your suit – a joy to indulge in. 

Firstly, tuxedos are never worn with a belt. Your tuxedo trousers should have size adjusters for a cleaner, more sophisticated look.

Secondly, you must wear black patent shoes. Brown shoe lovers we hear you – however, black patent shoes are traditional and will bring your look to another level. Black buttons on your shirt are also customary. 

A tuxedo is always worn with a bowtie, and this is traditionally black as well. A pocket square rounds out the look – we also recommend white for tuxedos. 

If you’re really looking to make a statement – looking at you grooms-to-be – then a pleated shirt with a wing tip collar is an excellent addition.


When Is the Right Time to Wear a Tuxedo?

Knowing when to wear your tuxedo is as much of an art as wearing it. For black-tie events, a tuxedo is the ultimate choice. For men, there is no better option than a dinner jacket with satin lapels, bow tie and white shirt – all stand-out elements of a suit. 

Of course, grooms are encouraged to wear tuxedos for their big day – you can wear a traditional black blazer, or opt for darker satin such as forest green or burgundy. Design a suit that feels like home to celebrate your love with the in-house tailors at Briggins. Our team will work closely with you to create and tailor-make the tuxedo suit of your dreams! Book a consultation online now.

If you are still unsure, follow the 6 pm rule – tuxedos are great to wear to formal events starting after 6 pm, but opt for a more casual suit look for anything before 6 pm.


The Correct Order for Putting on a Tuxedo

Prepare for your next black-tie event with these simple steps to ensure you put on your suit in the easiest order. 


Step 1: Undergarments go first. 


Step 2: Next you put on your dress shirt, complete with studs and bowtie. 


Step 3: Thirdly you slide into your trousers, and tuck in your shirt before zipping up and tie your cummerbund. 


Step 4: Now for the statement piece – dinner jacket time! 


Step 5: Lastly, put on your shoes and any other accent pieces.


Tailor-Made Tuxedos in Melbourne with Briggins

Briggins is proud to be a part of so many men’s journeys to confidence. From wedding suits to business suits, there is nothing like watching a man transform before your eyes. All our custom-made suits are expertly made right here in Melbourne. 

From suit-making to styling, our in-house team is experienced in all things men’s style. Take the leap into owning your very own, tailor-made tuxedo and experience all the fabric and tailoring options Briggins has to offer. No matter if you’re a suit connoisseur or a complete tuxedo beginner, our team is here to make sure you feel comfortable and guided throughout your custom suit process. 

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