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If you’re thinking ahead to Spring Carnival, landed that awesome deal or you’ve got a job interview lined up—you’re going to need something spiffy. The team here at Briggins is here to help you out.

Our travelling tailor service brings luxury shopping to your door whether it may be home or office, we come to you.

Alternatively our Nunawading showroom offers a bar lounge environment for you to be fitted out in. Our space also incompasses a vintage barber set up for precision hair cuts, shaves.

To book an appointment you can call (03) 8821 4168 or fill out a booking form.

The Briggins Barber is located at 5 Silver Grove, Nunawading 3131

In the words of Matthew Higgins, “I have seen first hand what a great suit can do to change a mans confidence, this is the motivation behind everything we do here ”

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3-Step Fitting & Ordering Process

We pride ourselves on having one of the shortest turn around speeds for custom made suits. Our average time between taking measurements and your first fitting will be approximately three weeks.

Book Your Consult

Call our show room on 9879 1484 or book online. You can select either our travelling tailor to visit you at your home or the luxury treatment of our Nunawading show room

Travelling Tailor

Our travelling tailor will meet your home or office at your desired time and date. You will try on a variety of suit styles and our stylists will make a recommendation, after that our tailor will measure you up for your custom made suit.


Before your big day we have a last fit out to ensure you are prepared and styled to perfection. We also provide you the option of using our in house biggins barber services – You will be looking sharp by the time you leave!

True Quality Knows No Compromise

There are suits and there are suits, and those who have known the finesse of a perfectly tailored mens suit they can not ever forget the detail in their cut, the sharpness of their silhouette or the perfection in their weave, not to mention how confident they felt and for many, though, such quality has been hard to find – until now.

Briggins is bringing the best of men’s tailoring right to the doors of Melbourne based men, creating luxury couture for those Australian men seeking perfectly fitting wardrobes, both wearable in the Australian climate and appropriate for our unique lifestyle.

While off-the-rack suits in the 21st century are plentiful, offering a generic level of mass-produced quality and can be inexpensive, customers with the taste and means to indulge themselves can opt for a more traditional approach to suit-fitting – something Briggins is happy to provide.

True quality knows no compromise. And in the case of a tailor-made suit, that means achieving a delicate balance of multiple critical details. Each matched perfectly to the person who’ll be wearing it. Because as well as fitting you, a tailor-made suit must also befit you.

Managing director of Briggins, a firm based in Nunawading is Matthew Higgins, sees old clients and adds new ones, including numerous AFL stars to whom Briggins has just become their exclusive suit supplier.

Matthew says. “These boys were so happy. Most of them were saying, ‘This is the best-fitting suit I’ve had’, and I think that’s a very good compliment.”

When on the road, Matthew spends a great deal of time with each individual client to perform initial measurements, he then returns to oversee a final fitting and adjustments when the completed suit arrives.

“I just enjoy helping men look their best, making them feel confident thats why I do what I do.” – Matthew Higgins

While Matthew is well set to cater for clients who seek traditional styles, he also stays on the cutting edge of fashion and will usually wear the latest designs himself to show clients what they can have.

Formal Wear

Bring that wow factor to every suit

From a ballroom gala to a wedding guest, Briggins has you covered, with our bespoke fits and remarkable styling options. you also experience the true luxury experience of Briggins. As passionate tailors who love to see the magic happen, we work with you very closely to bring that WOW factor to every suit. Our process of creation is designed to ensure that we take every detail into consideration and ensure that what you get is nothing short of breathtaking.

Business Luxury

Radiate Confidence, Stylishness & Flair

As professional tailors, we start by working with you to understand what you want and then revamping your style to make every single second of the day last forever. Our mens suits are designed to fit all kinds of workplaces & business events and help you bring your best self. Not only do you get to enjoy the raw simplicity of comfort and remarkable styling, Whether you are heading out for a board meeting, making a business deal, meeting new partners or giving a keynote speech, you are best suited with our bespoke business luxury suits.


Make your special day even more special

Our Wedding suits are simply unbeatable. Designed with just you in mind, our number one focus with each suit is to ensure that you feel confident and have never looked better. Constructed to be picture perfect, we introduce a certain attention to detail and focus on comfort when creating every piece. Our fits are extraordinary and we believe that to feel your best, you should also look your best. Regardless of size, personal style and distance, you can count on us to deliver the most remarkable weddings suits ever designed.

4 Simple Steps

How it Works

Make an Appointment at Your Home or Office

Building a custom wardrobe is fun and rewarding but can sometimes seem overwhelming. Rest assured Briggins is here to help, we will walk you through each step of the process to deliver you a suit that will have you looking your absolute best.

Discuss Your Requirements

During your appointment we discuss your style and fit preferences, offering guidance where required. We then take your measurements and a few photos to give our tailors back at our Nunawading showroom.

Perfect the Fit

If you have never had a suit custom made for you before, a finely tailored suit should feel like a second skin. This process will generally take between 4-6 weeks. At your first fitting we will adjust the suit to your liking, making any necessary minor tweaks.

Wear & Repeat

Most Briggins clients find that when wearing their tailored made suit they receive compliments every time they wear it. More often than not, our customers become regular clients, this is why we keep all pattern measurements on file for reorders.

6 Reasons

Why Your Next Suit Should
Be Custom-Tailored

We understand that time is of the essence, so we have designed a service for those who are time poor with tight schedules. During the first consultation our clients enjoy the creative & unique experience of designing their suit – every detail is a personal choice. All our suits are custom made – Attention to detail is our priority (ensured) during the physical assessment – nuance or posture, sloping shoulder or even a broad chest. The hand cut cloth is then sewn to create a unique balanced fit.

You're the Designer

The beauty of custom made suits is that you’re able to select from a wide variety of world class fabrics customisation options.

Everything from cuffs and collars, lapels and linings, it can all be made to your exact tastes and specifications.You have the ability to create a look right out of the latest issue of Men’s Style. You can even take inspiration from existing designer looks and add your own spin on it.

The Quality

Quality is the most important and perhaps the biggest advantage of custom clothing.

A high quality custom suit will make you look the part without much effort. Construction quality will increase your garments life-span, and in the case of canvassed suits, allow the garment to adapt to the shape of your body over time. Always remember, a cheap suit that fits perfectly will look infinitely better than an expensive suit that doesn’t fit.

The Perfect Fit

When you buy a factory stitched, mass produced, off-the-rack suit there is a high chance it’s not going to fit properly.

Standard sizes suits are made following a cookie-cutter approach and don’t take into account the fact that people come in all shapes and sizes with specific needs and tastes. Often retailers will suggest you alter the garment to make it fit. While minor alterations are OK, more major undertakings risk damaging the structural integrity of the garment. For complete control over the fit of your suit, custom tailoring is your only option. A custom suit is crafted from more than 100 data points ensuring a perfectly crafted garment that’s made to fit just one person, you!

The Measurements

Have you ever noticed that you fit a ‘medium’ from one brand and a ‘large’ at another?

Well, that is because every store has a different cut. Not only is this confusing, it’s also very time consuming. You end up wasting your time in fitting rooms trying on different sizes before you find something that fits.When you go custom, your exact measurements are taken and saved in your tailors database. Your measurement profile is ready and waiting when you’re ready for your next suit.

The Fabric Range

Tailored suiting fabrics don’t just come in a variety of brands but also in different hues and shades.

That is something you can’t easily or readily find off-the-rack. If you want to go for a very subtle look and not draw any attention, go for a navy blue or charcoal grey colour. These colours work best around the office and at formal events. However, if you’re dressing up for a wedding, wearing a light coloured suit such as cambridge grey or olive green can work wonders to take your look to the next level.

Maintenance and Lifespan

Another key benefit of a tailored suit is care guidance and maintenance services that can materially increase the life-span of your suit.

For example, if you have lost a few kilos your tailor will be able to professionally alter your suit and update your measurement profile.

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