Summer Suits for Men

The Definitive Guide to Summer Suits for Men

So the pleasant spring season has made way for the hot, sultry summer months. For some people, it may translate to lenience in terms of dress code but it is no way an excuse for shabby presentation! So, how does the modern day man dress well for the office or an event during the summer season? Summer suits for men should look professional, appropriate and stylish. Instead of looking at your summer suit as an excuse for slacking off, we see it as a great opportunity for you to define your style. Here are some of the tips that will help you choose the right suit for the season…

Material and Texture:

A men’s summer suit with linen, silk and wool mix with a quarter of skeleton lining is highly recommended for summers. This is because the fabric provides a lovely balance of weight, breathability and elegance. One should try and avoid pure linen because of the creasing. However, if you still want to go with a linen summer suit, then, follow this tip: roll up an old towel and stuff the sleeve before ironing the jacket. Nothing can be worse than an ironed crease down the sleeve of a linen jacket.

Suit Colour (Summer Suit):

Summers allow you to choose from a wider range of colours as compared to winters. A stone coloured summer suit is highly recommended because it not only lends a classic look but also allows you to experiment with a wide array of accessories.

Matching Your Shirt:

Though white may look crisp with a light coloured suit, it can be too pale for some men and make them look totally washed out. If this happens to be the case with you, we recommended that you go for a shade or two darker than the men’s suit you’re wearing.

Ties and Accessories:

The colour forest green pairs beautifully with a stone summer suit and white shirt. If you stuff your breast pocket with a complementary-coloured pocket square, you’ll be good to go. A pale men’s suit looks good with or without a tie depending on the occasion, but if you choose something colourful it can punctuate your outfit well.


Shoes provide the final touch to your summer outfit. A summer loafer in a nice neutral colour such as brown can complement your summer suit very well.  

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