Dressing for Spring Carnival

A Men’s Guide to Dressing for Spring Carnival

Dressing for Melbourne’s Spring Racing Carnival gives us the opportunity to break free from the monotony of day- to-day lives and really experiment with our sense of style. Dressing up for the diverse range of Spring Carnival events, however, can be challenging. We have come up with this Spring Carnival suit guide for the various events you may be attending.

Derby Day:

From the host of monochrome suits that swamp Derby Day, a suit in a larger check can prove to be a refreshing change. You can also experiment with different prints and materials, accessorise your suit with a matching pocket square and finish the look with an elegant satin tie.

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Melbourne Cup:

The Melbourne Cup evokes supreme excitement and exhilaration among people. The Flemington Racecourse is brought to life by the hordes of people who gather to watch the jockeys race towards the finish line. A day that is known for its bold and eye-catching colours can allow your true personality to shine through. But keeping in mind to remain stylish and smart. Wearing a customized men’s suit with French cuff slightly peeking out from the blazer can be perfect for the occasion. People are often in two minds when choosing between a two-piece and a three-piece suit for the day. While a two-piece suit would work well enough, a three-piece men’s suit would elevate your look to a whole new level.

Melbourne Cup Suits

Oaks Day:

Also known as the Ladies Day, the Oaks Day gives you the opportunity to explore a different aspect of style and dressing. There is a certain romanticism associated with this day which is why we suggest that you pair your men’s suit with a pink, blue or white coloured shirt. Let go off your traditional, masculine sense of dressing and experiment with colours, designs and patterns considered to be more feminine.

Stakes Day:

There is an air of comfort, relaxation and light fun about Stakes Day. So keeping that in mind, your Stakes Day Spring Carnival Suit should be casual yet chic. Men’s suits in light and bright shades as well as in checks and stripes can be perfect for this occasion.

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