Quintessential Style Guide For Old Money Style Suits

Quintessential Style Guide For Old Money Style Suits

As the new generation steps into the light and makes their mark in the world of fashion, their style inspirations have become clear. From sweaters over polo shirts, textured blazers and neutral, timeless colours, one style rules them all – and that style is old money. We are all interested in the rich and elite in some way; whether we admire them or despise them, the impact they have on style is clear. So, what is the old money aesthetic, and how do we recreate it?

From Fred Astaire to Cary Grant, the old money aesthetic lives and breathes class, tradition and grace wrapped up in a stylish and flattering bow. Each and everybody looks good when styled in well-made and tailored suits that use considered fabrics – the foundations of the old money style. 

Looking to style your suit in the quintessential old money way for your next event? Read on for everything you need to know about old money suits below. 


The Foundations of Everything Old Money

Old Money styling is focused around one core concept; those who dress in the old money aesthetic, or who themselves come from old money, wear pieces that are timeless and go beyond the trends. These items are made to last, and they look the part. Well-made, thick fabrics are the basis for a timeless suit; think tweed, wool, cashmere and silk.

This scene from The Gentlemen where Theo James, who plays Edward Halstead, wears a brown chequered three piece suit. It is paired with a contrasting denim shirt and floral brown tie. This outfit epitomises old-school aristocracy – i.e. old money.

In some ways, the style that goes along with old money is as much of an heirloom and show of wealth as the wealth itself. Recreating this style allows the wearer to feel the confidence that comes with tailor-made, well-designed clothing. The style does not have to be traditional nor ‘trendy’ to look elegant or timeless. 

This style of emulating the elite balances on sophistication and understanding of one’s own style. When it comes to suits, we think of well-fitting, tailored suits with flattering silhouettes. The rich and powerful have suits made specifically for their measurements and personal tastes. Their inspiration may well come from family members, who themselves are likely wearing suits that generations ago were the ideal aesthetic. If you want to exude old money energy, speak to your local tailor to understand what fabrics and styles suit you. This understanding will help you find a suit that is sophisticated and timeless for you.

Briggins crafts fully customised suits, tailor-made to your measurements and style. Simply let our professional in-house tailors know about your style inspiration, and they will create a masterpiece suit that is all sophistication, class and timeless style. Visit our website to see our previous work and book your free consultation.

Across Western society and social media, we have probably never cared more about what the rich do and how they dress than at this moment in time. We can trace this zeitgeist to a feeling of nostalgia, and a want for the lifestyle that coincides with that of someone who dresses and lives in old-money clothing. All it takes is a scroll through your phone, or to browse a popular style magazine, and the obvious influence of the old money aesthetic is impossible to ignore. How do we take this resurgence of the traditional and make it our own?


Decoding the Suit: What Elements Make an Old Money Suit

The old money aesthetic may look simple, but it is meticulously designed to balance a multitude of elements, including elegance, tradition, and a classical style that transcends trends.

Suits are made up of several elements, and each choice you make will help create that traditional, classy old money essence. 

Firstly, the lapel. The lapel is essential in defining the silhouette of your suit. Peak lapels demand attention, and will give you a greater sense of grandeur. Notch lapels are more understated and let the fabric do all the talking.  Both peak lapels and notch lapels will suit that old-money aesthetic.

Old-school Ralph Lauren double-breasted suits, worn open and closed

However, the most important part of maintaining the old money style is the suit jacket.

Enter from stage right, the double-breasted suit jacket. The suit jacket poses an important question; single or double-breasted? For most occasions, a single-breasted jacket will always exude timeless class. However, double-breasted jackets are having a comeback. In Australia, these have always been associated with formal settings or a very ‘Peaky Blinders’ look. However, they can look very relaxed when worn open or, made with light, vibrant fabrics such as green or blue linen. A double-breasted suit is surprisingly versatile and can be made more casual depending on the occasion; the epitome of that old-money feeling.

Our client, Edin, in our brown tweed, three-piece suit. The vest is double-breasted and the jacket is peak-lapelled and single-breasted. The flecks of white in the brown fabric, adds additional texture and depth to the suit.

Fabric choice is crucial in creating an old-money look. When it comes to fabrics, the Italians do it best – luxurious textures, beautifully dyed and delicate hand-feel. Your suit is something that can be worn again and again and even passed down the generations to create the sense that your style is a family affair – the same way that the old money style is attested to generational wealth. Fabrics such as wool, tweed or even cashmere all compliment the design and style of an old money suit. Old money is all about earthy tones, such as browns or tans, combined with shades of blue and grey. Most of us associate these colours with money and high social status, and this can be attributed to the generations of those families where old money style stems.


Simple Ways to Elevate Your Current Style to Old Money Status

There is more to styling your old money-style suit than the suit itself. The shirts you choose, the accessories and your hair all attribute to that final goal: timeless, sophistication. 

A tailor-made shirt, or simply a well-fitting shirt, elevates any look but it is especially important for a traditional, old-money look. High-quality fabrics in hues such as white, light blue or a pinstripe combination of both will create the perfect balance of class and casual charm that old money styles aspire to. 

Looking to keep your old money aesthetic more applicable in the everyday? Polo shirts are the answer. You can wear polo shirts with trousers, under blazers or with sweaters. 

Your accessories should be chosen to keep in theme with the texture and colours of your suit. Things such as pocket squares and ties can make or break an old money aesthetic. This traditional style is meant to look effortless, and by adding to your ensemble in a way that heightens without overdoing it you keep this effortless essence. Try to keep your outfit somewhat colour-coordinated, and avoid clashing patterns. 

By keeping your hair and beard trimmed and neat, you keep in line with the elegance of the old-money style. You also help to build your own confidence, which is just as important as the style of your clothes. One key element in the old money style is the confidence and subtle power that the outfit can help strengthen. 


Old Money: More than just a Fashion Statement

There is much to be said about the allure of old money and the adjoining fashion and lifestyle. Going beyond the fact that the old money aesthetic is pleasing, it also represents a time in the world where nostalgia’s rose-coloured glasses have removed the bad and kept the good. The world is changing more rapidly than before, and there is comfort in what we know, and what history has cemented. Not only are old money suits traditional, stylish and elegant, but they are also safe and represent a time of confidence, strength and structure for many. 

We wish you luck in finding your old money style, something that brings you confidence and nostalgia! As always, we are here to help.

Tailor-made, Old Money suits Made in Melbourne

The quintessential old money style is expensive, traditional, luxurious and classy. Old money suits are a symbol of power, generational strength and a proud heritage. If you are committed to tradition, or simply looking to exude charm everywhere you go then old-money style suits are the perfect choice for you. 

Old money has enough wiggle room to choose a suit that feels like you, while also maintaining the easily recognisable and compelling class. There is a reason why old money style suits have endured generations, countless trends, the growth of social media and societal shifts. It looks good, it feels good to wear and it works every time. 

Visit Briggins online, or in-store, and speak to a consultant about the old money style. They will work with you to create an old money suit dripping with class. 

You can also contact us online with any queries about old money suits, wedding suits, tuxedos and more!



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