4 things to consider when purchasing a custom suit

Black suit

Purchasing a custom suit guarantees that you’ll look your absolute best on your wedding day, especially if you have had trouble with the fit of off-the-rack suits.  If that’s the case, a custom suit is the best possible investment you can make because it will be specially made to your specific body type.

  1. Style

The style will dictate whether you’ll be able to wear your custom suit just on your special day, or perhaps be more versatile or even casual when you mix and match fabrics.

Tuxedo styles are traditional, formal and timeless. A tuxedo-style custom suit that fits you like a glove is ideal for black tie invitations, weddings and evening events.

purchasing a custom suit

Plain two-button suits are the one suit style that you can’t go wrong with. In fact, you won’t get more use out of any other suit style!

Now let’s talk about double-breasted suits. Dark double-breasted suits are versatile enough to wear for any occasion – a wedding or work.

  1. Colour

When it comes to colour always keep in mind that black goes with everything and compliments most shades of blue, charcoals and neutral palettes (when considering bridesmaids).

Navy, blue, charcoal or the mid-grey. These are colours that can be worn year-round and blend well into most events and work environments. Also, using various shades of the same colour creates a bold and sophisticated look and provides wearability in any wardrobe and to coordinate with any partner.

  1. Fashion trends

Stay clear from fast fashion trends, they are not made for longevity and will not look as good over time. Stick to suits that have classic styling. You want a timeless suit? Go for a two-button jacket with notch lapels flat-front trousers.

  1. Fabric selection

Fabric selection is crucial. Lightweight fabrics allow for breathability with natural qualities to move the fabric away from the skin. 100% wool fabrics will last a lot longer. Textured fabrics allow you to wear the jacket and trousers separately, so go for those if you are after maximum versatility.

What is your point of difference? This is when the magic happens! Think monograms, edged stitching, ticketed pockets, dual tones, lapel colour or even the lining ? These are the refining details of suit customisation that make your suit yours and only yours.

Invest in your overall look. At Briggins we make all types of suits for all types of occasions. Whether it’s a wedding tuxedo, wedding suits, formal suits, tailored shirts or just any other type of custom suit. We have an in-house tailor with over 35 years of experience.

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