Mens Tailored Suits: Different Body Types and Wedding Suits

Tailored suits are part of a vast universe, full of style, personality and customisation. If you are someone who has never worn or purchased a tailored suit you may be wondering where to start, what questions to ask and how to find the perfect suit for your needs. Just as no man is the same as another, each suit is unique and it is important that you walk away with a suit that makes you feel like a million bucks.

If you’re looking for a guide on men’s tailored suits then look no further. We are here to help you understand tailored suits inside and out – for all body types, and all occasions. From wedding suits to interview suits, you’ll be an expert in the time it takes to read the rest of this article.


Finding the Perfect Suit for your Body Type

There is no better feeling than when you first slip into your perfectly fitted, tailored suit for the first time. While it may seem simple, there are multiple elements that come together to help create that wow moment every time you look in the mirror.

If you have a body type that is more difficult to shop for, then tailored suits will soon become your new best mate. From burly builds to tall builds, our suits can be tailored to suit your needs. We have selected three different body types and broken down the best way to style them below.


Burly Body Type

A man with a burly body type is defined as someone who carries their weight around their midsection, oftentimes with a larger waist or hips. It’s common for burly guys to have issues finding jackets and shirt collars that will button up, while every other aspect of the outfit fits comfortably. When it comes to styling a burly body type, the key is the add definition and bring addition to the face and upper body.

We highly recommend a three piece suit for burly guys. Low contrast in the midsection is the goal: this can be achieved with a matching or complementary colour vest. Don’t be afraid of well fitting shirts – show off your confidence with a fitted shirt that has some stretch for comfort.

The burly man’s secret weapon is a simple addition with big results – suspenders. Suspenders will become the ultimate tool in your tool kit, as they allow you to comfortably and easily keep your pants from sliding down below your stomach. They also add a touch of colour if you’re looking to use them to make a statement.


Tall Body Type

Tall guys face a number of unique challenges when it comes to finding their perfect suit. Beyond constantly being asked ‘what’s the weather like up there?’ tall, slim guys need guidance on how to help break up their lean lines and confidently style patterns and colours. With tailored suits, gone are the days of too short shirt sleeves and pants that barely graze your ankle. If you are looking for a wedding suit as a tall guy, then this next section is perfect for you.

Firstly, a jacket that emphasises the waist is going to work wonders for any tall guy, but especially tall and slim gentlemen. We often recommend a double-breasted jacket, or double-vented jacket, to help achieve a more boxy waist.

Contrasting colour on shirts is a standout look on taller men. You can choose to go with a shirt that has a pattern on the body with plain cuffs, or even a patterned or brightly coloured tie. We typically choose to tailor taller guys pants to sit lower on the waist, with a wider cuff at the ankle. Fuzzy knits will help add bulk, and they allow you to add a touch of personality to your finished look.


Muscular Body Type

You might not immediately think of the muscular man when it comes to body types that have trouble styling suits, however their exaggerated builds can create challenges when balancing a silhouette. If you have a muscular body type, no need to panic – we have the perfect solutions to help.

Oftentimes we see muscular men wearing suits that are too tight. The power of tailored suits is that they are designed with you, and only you, in mind. This means taking into account not only your measurements, but your body type and how you will move and function while wearing your suit. For special occasions, such as suits for a wedding, we take extra steps to ensure you are comfortable and work with you to provide a suit that feels like magic to wear. You also run the risk of looking like you grabbed a suit out of your grandfather’s wardrobe – the shoulders fit, but the rest of your suit is baggy and unflattering.

Muscular builds do best with a jacket that has some wiggle room in the midsection. This allows for a softened silhouette, taking away the harsh lines created by a body with a harsher V or X shape. Tailored suits help you to achieve a fitted waist without having to squeeze into a suit jacket that simply isn’t designed for your wider shoulders and arms. When it comes to choosing a shirt, muscular men often have wide shoulders – a shirt that is tailored to accommodate these wide shoulders and slimmer waist will help ensure there is no baggy fabric. Ask about a deep pleat or a reverse pleat when it comes to pants. By adding a pleat to your pants, there is more room for your thighs and buttocks to fit comfortably. For men with bigger thighs who haven’t skipped leg day, these pleats are essential for comfort and overall suit balance.


Australian Made, Tailored Wedding Suits

Wedding suits are for everyone – grooms, guests, and members of the bridal party. For such an important day, it is important to choose a tailor you can trust. The talented team at Briggins have crafted over 10,000 wedding suits and tuxedos – working with guys across Melbourne to ensure that everyone has the best experience on their special day. Briggins provide head-to-toe styling for all body types. Our professional and approachable experts take the stress out of buying a suit. No matter your style, we have confidence you’ll walk out feeling ready to face your big day with confidence.

Be sure to allow enough time for your tailor made wedding suit to be crafted. Visit us in store no less than 12 weeks prior to your wedding for a seamless and stress free experience.

Book an obligation-free consultation online today, or give us a call to ask any questions you might have. For both tailor made and ready to wear suits, look no further than Briggins.

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