Men’s Suit Style Trends for 2024

Men's Suit Style Trends for 2024

As we roll on into 2024, both new and old suit trends stand up to make their mark. With each new year, we see different men’s suit styles growing in popularity, allowing their wearers to express themselves through their formalwear armour. From colour to texture, there is a lot to be excited about for men’s suits in 2024. No matter if you’re a classical gentleman who can’t go past a three-piece suit, or if you’re interested in alternative suit trends, this year has something for everyone.

Before we take a deep dive into the trendy world of modern suits, I want to ensure that every reader knows the importance of a suit – on trend or otherwise. Your suit is like a confidence power-up; it works to help amplify your power and encourage you to embrace all your strengths. At Briggins, their expert tailors work to create fully customised suits that are designed for any occasion. No matter if you’re looking for something light, something modern, or something totally unique – the professionals at Briggins have you covered.

Looking to really make a splash at work, at events, or at your next big celebration? Read on for our examination and explanation of each major 2024 men’s suit trend.

So, what’s in store for the 2024 suit season?

For the efficient reader who only has a few minutes, let me break down quickly what’s in store for men’s suit trends in 2024.

Firstly, and most excitingly, textured fabrics are back. Reinvented to suit the modern age that is 2024, basically your grandfather’s suit is back in fashion, but one that is tailored to fit you.

Secondly, coloured suits are on trend once again. This year, however, I am staying away from the pastels and embracing the dark side – think burgundy and forest green.

And lastly, statement 3-piece suits are a remaining classic that I highly recommend for this coming year. Through colour and accessories, you can amplify your current 3-piece suit, or opt to get a new, tailor-made suit created to suit your upcoming wedding or other event.

Old school textures and patterns are a must-have gentlemen!

Tweed,  herringbones and checks are in! There is something wonderfully tactile about textured materials, and they can add a sense of masculinity and style through their undeniable rugged elegance. Tweed has a wonderful woollen feel and slightly rough texture, allowing its wearers a natural air of relaxation and casual style.  Textured suits are still more uncommon than other alternatives, so making the deep dive into a tweed suit immediately helps you to stand out. Tweed suits are a wonderful way to showcase your personality through clothing.

Suits with colour are making a splash

Men’s fashion is growing and changing more rapidly than we may have ever seen. Modern times allow for so many variations on the classic suit – and this year, it is all about colour. There is a clear return of bold colours and patterned accessories, asking you to step outside your comfort zone and embrace something new.

Trust me when I say you’ll feel like Superman walking into your next event wearing a rust, burgundy or green suit or suit jacket. These bold colours give life to your look and show that you are confident and assertive. When it comes to coloured suits, balance is everything.

I recommend you wear your rust or green suit with a white shirt and black or brown dress shoes. You are the masterpiece, and your suit should exemplify that – too many other colours and suddenly the focal point on you and your suit is lost.

The team at Briggins offer style advice for all occasions. Simply book a visit with the team online, and they can help create an outfit to make you feel like a million bucks from head to toe.

Three-piece suits are still a stand-out

Like with AC/DC or Cold Chisel, you simply cannot go past the longstanding classics. A three-piece suit is the same. If you want to showcase professionalism and elegance, there is no better suit I can recommend – and we have seen the popularity of the three-piece suit continuing into 2024. A slim fit can also be incredibly flattering for a three-piece suit, the vest allows you to play around with patterns and is a great way to make your suit look more formal. This can elevate your look if you are attending a black tie event or for your wedding.

Layering different colours and patterns is a great way to show off your personal style while maintaining a look that is on-trend, comfortable and versatile. 

Trend Setting Custom Made Suits 

Briggins specialises in tailor-made, one-of-a-kind suits for all Melburnians. From easy-going elegance to sharp professionalism, we can create a suit that suits you (see what I did there).

Step into the 2024 events season in your new Briggins suit and blow everyone’s minds. Simply book a consultation or visit our website and take 2024 by storm. 

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