Men’s Spring Fashion: Be On Trend for Your Next Spring Event

Men’s Spring Fashion: Be On Trend for Your Next Spring Event

Spring is just around the corner, and the weather is getting warmer. Everyone is looking forward to the sunshine and all of the brightness that accompanies the warmer months. Spring fashion events are on their way, and we want to help you put together a cohesive look that’s going to allow you to stand out from the crowd this season.

We also want to provide a bit of inspiration in the form of three different kinds of spring suits that will get you through any warm weather event—whether it’s a formal evening function or if you find yourself roaming about St. Kilda for the opening day of Carnival.

So whether you are looking to join in on the fun or take advantage of spring’s fashion opportunities, here are some tips on what you need to know!

Conservative Suit Options

The days are getting longer, the weather is warming up, and it’s time to start moving out of your winter wardrobe. The most popular request this time of year is for men’s suits that are lighter and brighter but still conservative and versatile enough for business and formal events.

It can be hard to stay stylish while balancing business with spring fashion. You want to show you’re someone people can count on, but at the same time make a good impression. For a conservative springtime suit, you want to make sure that you’re wearing something that’s going to look fresh for the season.

For the purists, it’s always a safe route to go with light grey, checks, charcoal, and brighter navy suits. The plainer is better, especially for sensitive events. You can add a subtle pattern or texture for a little bit of springtime flair in your outfit.

A light-coloured suit is a great choice for spring because it will let you stand out against the green leaves and blooming flowers that surround you. The floral tie is a nice touch, as well. It’s a great way to add some colour to your look and make sure that you’re not just blending into the background.

If you want to jazz it up a little bit more, try wearing checks or other patterns on your tie. You can also swap out your white shirt for a light, pastel-coloured one. The tie is what really makes this outfit springtime-ready!

  • Consider a Boutonnière

    If you’re not ready to change up your entire look, but want to get into the springtime cheer, a Boutonnière is the perfect accessory. From its French roots, the word just means “buttonhole”, and it is sure to bring a bright formality to your look. It provides an elegant, standout look that will make you feel confident!

    This is not an uncommon ensemble, especially for any wedding or romantic occasion. Roses and Carnations are the traditional flowers used, but you may choose giant, over-the-top flower arrangements fastened with ribbons and pinned in place or more subtle lapel flowers. To own the look, just go with the vibes and don’t overthink the little piece of art on your chest.

You may also opt for a light grey, light beige, or blue suit. These colours are all neutral tones that will work with most other colours, so you can accessorise to suit any occasion. A white shirt is suitable for any plain coloured suit or dark chequered suit you want to wear; those with a bit of know-how can branch into pastel shirts to bring out the best in their look.

Bolder Separates Options

For a more budget-friendly option, a separates outfit is great because it gives you the flexibility to mix and match. A statement jacket will be lighter on the wallet than a whole suit but can be just as effective! It also gives off a more youthful, casual look.

When you’re wearing suit and trousers together, you create a polished, sophisticated look. But when you wear them separately, you’re able to show more personality and individuality in your style, finding combinations which help you shine.

A rule of thumb with seperates is to only have one statement element. If you’re going for a fun print shirt, then pairing it with a plainer jacket and pants is the way to go. This will keep the outfit balanced while allowing you to use your creativity.

If you want to add more colour or accessories, but don’t want them to clash with your outfit, then you could go for a shirt that is white or light blue (or any other bright colour). This way, it won’t be too much of a statement piece on its own.

Trousers are the least likely statement element, so keeping them plain is a good rule of thumb. Stay away from black to keep within the spring palette, as it can overwhelm the entire outfit. Light-coloured trousers such as beige, light grey, and white are the most seasonally appropriate when wearing separates but can be harder to pull off. , It’s always safe to opt for neutral-coloured Chinos, in a beige or steel grey for a mid-tone and navy or brown for a darker option.

Jackets are a fantastic choice for your statement element – a bold chequered jacket with plain chinos is a timeless classic. The louder your jacket, the more subtle your accessories should be, but definitely bring in a little colour! The most important accessory for a bold look, however, is confidence.

  • What To Pair With A Statement Shirt or Jacket Ensemble?

    Do you know what’s great about plain trousers? They’re the perfect complement to statement suits and jackets. If your suit is made of a bold colour, such as red or green, then plain grey trousers will allow your suit to pop out even more. Plus, they’re classic and timeless, which gives you the freedom to express yourself in your choice of shirt or jacket.

Daring (Yet Dashing) Options

If you haven’t found your spring fashion taste between the two options above, then perhaps you need to consider the wildcard option. This classic spring suit option is a bold choice, but one that will surely get you noticed. It’s hard to miss, and it’s definitely not going to be confused with any other suit you’ve seen before!

Pastel-coloured suits are a great option for spring, especially when you want to turn heads and really get in on the spirit of the season. The muted tones of pastels, such as light pink and blue suits, help you stand out and leave room for accessories in darker tones. We highly recommend the pairing of a coloured suit with a plain shirt and a coloured tie.

If you’re looking for something even more flamboyant, then bold statement colours are the way to go! These bright, plain colours will make sure everyone notices you when you walk into a room—and it is probably a good idea if you want to attract attention.

For this option, the suit itself is your springtime element, but a carefully chosen tie and pocket square will give you an opportunity to jazz up your outfit even further.

Our Stylist’s Picks for Spring

We asked our head stylist, Merlin, what fabrics he’d suggest for a springtime suit, and here are his suggestions:

280101 & 280102 “Lighter, textured greys are a versatile option that would brighten up beautifully with some vibrant spring accessories. You can really pair them with any colours you’d like. I’ve seen quite a few suits made in this family here, they come up really nicely in a suit and have the most luxurious softness about them. 100% Merino, Super 110, gorgeous quality.” Classic Custom Jacket + Trouser – $899

28087x “There’s a set of nice bold woven suitings in the Classic range that look fantastic in a blazer. The plain colour keeps it easier to wear and the deep texture keeps it a bit more casual. Wear it with your chinos, jeans, or dress pants, however. It’ll go from a casual stroll up to a garden wedding if you style it right. We’ve still got meterage in 6 different colours, so there’s something for everyone’s comfort level from a nice deep navy to a bright rose red.” Classic Custom Jacket for $599

880885 “This one is a fantastic statement jacket pick, the check is bold but the colours are all neutral so you can very easily accessorise it. It’d work for a full suit if that’s what you’re into, but I’d recommend keeping it as a jacket. You can match your pants to any of the minor colours in the check here for a really suave look, or just go beige-brown type colours. A little more substantial than the Classic range suitings, too, it’s blended with silk and linen fibres for extra strength and breathability. I’d wear it with a pastel shirt, maybe a blue or green, with red or orange and white accessories. It’s still a bit conservative but looking for something bolder, you know?” Gold Custom Jacket – $899, Gold Custom Trouser – $400

280158 – 280161 “These browns are really nice, you’ve got a good range of shades here too. Very underrated colour, brown. Could go for a full suit or opt for some nice trousers to pair with a statement jacket, especially a green or navy. It’s a nice smooth twill, too. Very warm and inviting colour, perfect for spring.” Classic Custom Trouser – $300, Classic Custom 2-piece Suit – $899

880681 “Okay, now we’re talking! Similar idea to its neutral brother 880885, this one keeps the check itself a bit subtler, but the colour…gorgeous! That’s actually a triadic colour scheme there with the berry, then the cobalt and gold weaved in. Statement jacket for sure, but would be pretty hard to pull off in a full suit. Takes a little more consideration with styling to shine, I’d go for a pale yellow shirt and blue accessories or vice versa to keep with the triadic colour scheme, but you could also go for pink. Treat it as a berry with a little spice. It’s got a stunning feel, too, that’s the linen working its magic.” Gold Custom Jacket – $899

280145 & 280146 “These two absolute delights: the yellow and the pink from the Classic range! Everyone always asks. They raise their eyebrows. But you know what? They also wonder. When someone walks into a room wearing a perfectly tailored, buttercup-yellow three-piece suit…that’s compelling. The pink is a perfect pastel spring shade, a bit more of a gentle eye-catcher than the yellow. These would be so much fun to style! You can either lean in even harder and go bold, or keep it super simple with white. I know which I’d be going for.” Classic Custom 2-piece Suit – $899, Classic Custom 3-piece Suit – $1298

So what would you wear for a dapper spring outfit, Merlin?
“Ah, for that you’ll need to book an appointment and ask me in person.”


It’s always a great strategy to buy a single piece of a suit, such as trousers or jacket, and then have these tailored and fitted to your size. This way, you can mix and match pieces from your suit collection to create both new and classic combinations. You’ll have complete freedom as to how you wear your clothes, making for great styling options every time you get dressed.

If you’re looking for the best custom suit that is going to make all heads turn this Spring fashion event, Briggins can help. With our range of fabrics and colour options for suits, you’re sure to find the perfect one for your event. And what’s more—the result will be a suit that fits you just right for the right season.

Give us a call during our showroom hours on 1300 452 251 to book a consultation for a made-to-measure suit or ready-to-wear suit consultation. You can also email us at for any concerns and questions.

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