How to Choose the Perfect Suit for Your Same Sex Wedding

Your wedding day of your life is fast approaching, you’ve arranged the reception, chosen your celebrant, booked your ceremony venue, and you’ve even picked out the music. But what about your wedding suit?

While your family feuding and drunken friends can be cut from the photo album, your wedding portrait destined to hang on your living room wall will last for all eternity. So trust us when we say, choosing a wedding suit is, without a doubt, one of the single most important decisions you and your groom-to-be will make during your wedding preparations.

We’re fairly sure that your first question will be “what makes a same-sex wedding suit different and any other ordinary wedding suit?” Well, the most obvious thing is that we’re talking about a wedding devoid of a bride – we are a men’s wedding suit tailor after all! Usually all the hype is about the wedding dress, but in this instance its ALL about the gentlemen.

While the bride usually takes centre-stage, you instead have an opportunity to style looks based on the unique personality of each person in the relationship. Some same-sex couples want matching looks, but often tastes and ideas differ. You may be bold and outgoing and want a statement suit that will be a talking piece for years to come, while your partner may want something more classic or traditional. It’s possible to combine both – so long as there’s some sort of common theme tying it altogether; whether it be colour, patterns or accessories.

Your accessories can be anything from cufflinks to tie bars, watches to shoes or even socks. So even if you prefer a minimalist look, there’s still nothing stopping you from choosing a few understated accessories to tie it all together and elevate the look.

Matching suits look the part if you and your partner are both of a similar shape and size. However, if one of you is much taller or of a much heavier build, this can highlight the differences in your size and shape and might not be ideal for your wedding portrait. A subtle approach to complementing your partner’s look would be to stick to similar shades and hues or to add clever finishing touches such as matching accessories.

The same style suits in contrasting colours can also work very well. This can give both grooms an opportunity to express their unique personalities through their choice of fabric colour and pattern. Of course, finding two identical suits in different colours can be a challenge, but thankfully the team at Briggins will be able to help you out there.

Dress for the Weather

Or at the very least for the season. Of course, it’s impossible to know what the weather will be like months ahead of your big day but you can at least dress appropriately for the time of the year.When the weather gets a little chillier, it’s best to opt for a pure wool or even a velvet suit. It will keep you warm- and there are so many choices available in terms of style and colour. But again keep the season in mind.

Remember Fit is Everything

We’d argue that the single most important factor determining whether a suit looks good is the fit. Think about this… you could wear a totally outrageous outfits, but if it fits you well and you wear it confidently, you will still look the business. So even if you get all the other elements right, like choosing the right colour and a perfect underlying theme for your groom’s wedding suits, a sloppy paint of trousers or a jacket hanging off the shoulders haunt your wedding photos for years to come.

And while it is, of course, important to take each of the aspects mentioned above into account, we really can’t over-emphasize the importance of getting a suit that fits. Now you may call us biased when we say that fit is everything, but that’s we got into the tailoring business here at Briggins. We believe that every suit-wearing man should look his best and there’s simply no better way to do so than by having your suit custom tailored.