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A classic look never goes out of style, whether for special occasions such as your wedding party or for business and corporate events. The choice of custom tailoring can be an intimidating one, but it’s worth the investment for those who want their suits to fit like they were made just for them. At Briggins in Melbourne, we have years of experience crafting sleek and sharp wedding and corporate outfits. All the measurements and observations made will be used to create your perfect suit.

What Is Custom or Made-to-Measure Tailoring?

Custom or made-to-measure tailoring is a term used to describe a suit that is exclusively constructed for a particular individual to reflect their personal style. Custom tailoring is the method of creating custom clothes with the help of selected patterns and fabrics. We use precise body measurements and cut the fabric according to the fit and style requested. Our master tailors craft custom menswear by carefully measuring the chest, waist, hip and shoulder. Custom corporate suits should be considered an investment as they last an individual a lifetime.

Made-to-Measure Suit Tailor

Get Made-to-Measure Tailoring for Shirts, Trousers, and Other Garments Custom Made

At Briggins, we believe that no outfit is complete without an accompanying custom-made shirt designed to fit one’s personal style. We offer clients the highest quality fabrics milled in Italy and the UK.

Our experienced tailors collaborate with clients to construct custom shirts that uniquely cater to their body type. We offer our clients made-to-measure tailored tuxedos, jackets, and suits, which go a long way in setting you apart from the crowd.

custom shirts

These are some of the standard customisations you will need to decide on before we make your custom suit:

  • Fabric
  • Single-breasted or double-breasted jacket
  • Number of buttons
  • Lapel style, fabric, and width
  • Pocket style
  • Satin details
  • Lining
  • Embroidery / monogram
  • Trouser style
  • Vest style


Custom (Made-to-Measure) vs. Ready-to-Wear Suits

There are a few aspects that clearly distinguishes custom vs. ready-to-wear suits:

Custom (Made-to-Measure) vs. Ready-to-Wear Suits

  • Suit Styles:

    When it comes to ready-to-wear clothing, a jacket of a standard size is taken and then altered to fit the client, if required. The master tailor can change aspects, such as sleeve length, leg taper, jacket length, etc, for the finished product to better conform to one’s body, but the possibility for alteration is limited. Essentially, they have a standard suit size that can be altered to fit the person.

    On the other hand, made-to-measure tailors create unique suit styles for each client. This ensures that the suit is one of a kind and expresses your personal fashion. Another difference between custom and ready-to-wear garments is that custom garments consider the unique alignment of the body using extensive measurements, which is not the case with ready-to-wear clothing. That’s why, for people who do not fall under the standard proportions (short, tall, skinny, broad, large, etc), a made-to-measure suit is the better choice.

  • Fittings:

    In a ready-to-wear suit, the structure and style of the suit are already decided. So, usually, it requires just a short amount of time to alter and fit the suit. On the other hand, a custom suit is created from scratch according to the fabrics and design you have chosen. Before the suit is stitched, you will have to decide how you would like your finished suit to look and fit. Our friendly sales team are here to provide information and styling services to help you design your look.

  • Fabric:

    With a ready-to-wear suit, you will have a limited number of standard styles and fabrics to choose from. However, in a custom suit, you have a wide range of fabrics and patterns to choose from. You can also ask our master tailors to use different fabrics for individual pieces of your suit.

Benefits of Custom or Made-to-measure Tailoring

Custom-made clothing goes a long way in helping a person showcase their unique style, which creates a strong impression on the people who surround them. Given below are some more benefits of custom tailoring:

Benefits of Custom Tailoring

  • More Customisations:

    With custom suits, your customisation options are unlimited! Whether you want different fabrics for different pieces of your 3-piece suit or you simply want to add a monogram to personalise your suit, you can get anything done from us. For special customisations not listed above, you can meet with our in-house tailor to discuss what you would like and we will add these to your suit for an additional fee.

  • Best Fit:

    Custom tailors put a great deal of emphasis on the fit of the garment. A great fit can show off the best of a client’s figure and make them look sharp. Apart from helping you look smart and stylish, the superior fit of a custom-tailored outfit also provides a higher level of comfort and ease of movement.

  • High-quality fabrics:

    When you go for custom garments from Briggins, you can choose from a range of high-quality fabrics. You can also customise your garments for different seasons. Our suits are made using 100% Australian Merino wool. Our heavier-weight fabrics have a thicker yarn and tighter weave, and our lightweight fabrics are apt for warmer seasons and climates. Clients can also choose specialty fabrics for their made-to-measure such as cotton velvets, wool flannels, and herringbone weaves.

  • Better investment:

    Though custom garment takes around 4-6 weeks to make, in the long run, ordering a suit from an experienced master tailor is an investment that will save you time in the long run. A made-to-measure suit is built to last, both in the quality of the materials and the way it is designed since you will be able to alter it, if needed, in the future.

  • Ideal for people with unusual proportions:

    For people who can never seem to get the right fit wearing clothes off-the-rack, this is the best option. No matter your proportion, a custom suit can be tailored to fit your build. A custom suit is made to fit you, you don’t need to change to fit a suit!

Why Choose Briggins for Made-to-Measure Tailoring in Melbourne?

Briggins was established with the vision to reinvent custom-made suits and formal wear. Over the years, we have set new standards of craftsmanship with our high-quality suit pattern. Being among the most sought-after custom tailoring businesses in Melbourne, we have an in-house tailor with over 35 years of experience whose quick measurement and expert eye delivers garments of superior quality.

Check out our online store to explore examples of custom suits and styles available from Briggins. You can also call us on 1300 452 251 or drop us an email at for more information.


Owing to the complexities in crafting the suit and the wide range of options, this can vary greatly. It could cost anywhere between $899 – $2,500 with a median price of around $1,100.

Most clients take their new custom suit home after 1-2 fittings. However, our custom tailor offers additional fittings and alterations at no extra cost until you are satisfied with the fit.

A custom suit usually requires 6 weeks to be made from the date an order is placed. Additional fittings and alterations can take up to 2 weeks. If your suit is for a particular event, we recommend placing an order 2 months in advance for a stress-free experience.

Briggins offers custom tailoring services to big and tall men to create garments that fit them perfectly and help them gain confidence.