How To Style A Custom Suit For An Autumn Wedding

How To Style A Custom Suit For An Autumn Wedding

Autumn is a transformational season. From the changing of the leaves to the slow warming of the afternoon, the rugged charm of autumn is a major draw for couples looking to tie the knot. The cooler weather allows men to experiment with their suits, opting for textured, heavier fabrics and multiple layers. 

No matter if you’re the groom, trying to stand out from the crowd, or a wedding guest looking to dress to impress, there is an autumnal suit for you

Gentlemen, keep reading for all of my own personal tips on maximising your custom suit this wedding season. 


The Ultimate Choice – a Suit or a Tuxedo?

Before you even begin styling your look, you need to decide – suit or tuxedo? This isn’t like choosing between Batman or Superman, both suits and tuxedos are well-loved and make fantastic choices. The most important factor for choosing between the two is the formality of your event. Are you the groom, or a guest? Is the wedding during the day, or an evening affair? 

Tuxedos are the more formal choice, thanks to their extra pops of texture and overall more put-together look. You’ll notice that tuxedos feature satin lapels, and are made with worsted wool. Our stylists will always choose a shirt with black buttons to accompany a tuxedo – you’ll never feel more put together than with the combination of a bowtie, satin lapel and black button-down shirt. 

Black-tie events are the perfect occasion for a tuxedo, for both groom and guest. If you’re a groom looking to stand out from the crowd, you can opt for a colourful tuxedo, with colourful accents or you can simply rock that just married confidence. 

Men's Suit Style Trends for 2024

If you’re looking for a traditional but less formal look you can’t go past a suit. Suits are most often worn with a tie. Generally, suits are slightly more relaxed. Suit pants are held up by a belt, and often worn with a V-shaped waistcoat. 


Bring the Colour this Autumn

There is no better time to wear colour than in autumn. This stunning season really highlights some of the best colours in nature – burnt oranges, deep reds, forestry greens and browns. Don’t be afraid of colour – choosing a non-traditional colour for your suit immediately adds personality, and helps you stand out from the crowd. 

For grooms especially, the colour you choose for your wedding day will help set the tone for how your groomsmen, and wedding as a whole, will be styled. It is your big day after all – why shouldn’t you branch out from the norm, and stand out from the crowd?

Briggins offers custom-made suits and tuxedos in a wide range of colours. Visit our website to see grooms rocking greens, browns, blues and other fantastic colours! 


Picture Perfect in Patterns

I don’t know about you, but when I think autumn I think Viking. I think of Scottish mountain side, kilts, thick woollen fabrics and warriors at battle. Maybe it is just me – but regardless, autumn is a fantastic season for wearing suits made using patterned fabrics

We recommend that if you do choose a textured or patterned fabric for your suit, you keep the rest of your look minimal and monochrome. For example, you choose a stunning tweed fabric in shades of grey. A muted palette is best to allow your suit to shine – something like a white shirt, light grey tie and brown shoes would do nicely. Or even, a tweed jacket and brown pants. Tweed suits are rugged sophistication and will keep both groom and guest warm during the cooler autumn nights.  

The quintessential groom, in the modern world of suits, is one that embraces colours and textures from old-school tailoring. Herringbone is class through and through, and allows grooms to feel comfortable and confident in a heavy-duty fabric. The silhouette of a suit made from herringbone is second to none. 

Wool suits can oftentimes be associated with winter, and winter only. In reality, these heavyweight suits look fantastic when paired with matching trousers or casual chinos – and you’ll never get cold!


From Guest to Groom – Why Confidence is Your Most Important Accessory

Styling your suit for a wedding is much like building a car, or cooking a soup. Lots of parts are put together in an intentional way to create something functional and dare we say, incredibly handsome. We want all our grooms and guests to walk out of our showroom feeling like a million bucks. Book an appointment with Briggins today, and our talented staff will guide you through the custom suit process. Don’t worry – it’s a good time.


Custom Suits for your Upcoming Autumn Wedding

I hope that we have inspired you with our latest guide! Autumn weddings are truly magical events, and it is only fitting that your suit is too. 

Visit our website to see the full range of suits we offer, from custom to ready-made. Want to know more before taking the plunge? Our online journal is full of useful guides, such as an in-depth look at the difference between tuxedos and suits

Reach out today and make your autumn wedding suit dreams a reality!


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