How to Match Your Suit With Your Shoes

How to Match Your Suit With Your Shoes

How to Match Your Suit With Your Shoes

The perfect shoes will complement your suit perfectly and do not overpower your look. Shoes can be a way to personalise your formal look, but they should not be the focal point of your outfit. Choosing the wrong shoes can completely ruin an otherwise perfect outfit. You should always take into account the colour, style, and material of your suit when choosing your shoe. The key is to establish a point of contrast that still harmonises with your suit.

In this article, we will give you tips on how to match your suit with your shoes so that you can look your best all day long.

What Shoe Colour Goes With Which Suit?

With the ever-evolving language of fashion statements nowadays, it can be hard to keep up with what goes with what. One of the most important factors that play into this is what type of shoes you’re going to wear. Luckily for those looking to dress up for an event, the guidelines for choosing shoes for your suit have not changed much over the years. Knowing which shoes match different types of suits is important in looking your best.

Black Patent Shoes

The classic back shine of black patent leather can be tricky shoes to wear outside of black tie settings, but they pair perfectly well with a tuxedo. When wearing black shiny shoes with a more casual type of clothing, make sure that the colour of your outfit matches the boldness of the shoe colour so that it will work together as a cohesive ensemble.

Some good matches for black shiny shoes would be statement-coloured suits, such as yellow, red, and other bold colours. Wearing these eye-catching colours ensures that your shoes and suits harmonise together, with neither overpowering the other. Not ready for a bright red suit? Never fear, you can still step into black patent shoes with your classic—or not-so-classic—tuxedo.

Light Brown (and Other Light-Coloured) Shoes

Light brown shoes share one similarity to black shiny shoes—they can be tricky to pull off with certain outfits, only these lean more casual. They are fantastic with light-coloured suits, such as beige or light grey. Dark shoes can be too much of a contrast with light neutral suits, drawing the eye straight to your feet, instead of your face.

However, the suit and shoe colours should not be so closely matched that they become indistinguishable. A light grey suit with light brown shoes has low contrast of light hues and they do not overpower each other. Choose a shoe that is a couple of shades darker than your light suit and you won’t have an issue.

Black Matte Shoes

Black matte shoes can be worn with pretty much every type of suit. They’re a solid, neutral colour—so they can be paired well with any dark to medium-tone suit you choose, including black, charcoal, greys, browns, and navies. You can also wear them with lighter colours, provided they are bright enough to compete with black.

They are also versatile, and able to be worn to either work or a wedding without drawing too much attention, so they’re a good option if you want to wear something that doesn’t stand out from the rest of your outfit. A pair of matte black formal shoes is a good versatile pick if you’re buying your first pair and are unsure what to invest in.

Dark Brown Shoes

These shoes are similarly versatile to black matte shoes and can be worn with different coloured suits. They can, however, read as less formal and probably wouldn’t fly for a black tie event. The other difference they offer over black is a warm-neutral as opposed to neutral colour temperature. In particular, they complement a navy suit because of the contrast between the cooler blue tone of the suit and the warm brown of the shoe.

This classic combination creates an interesting visual effect that is quite striking. The warm and earthy tone makes them a good choice for someone who wants something more natural-looking and less “flashy.”

Oxblood Shoes

Oxblood shoes are the most common shoes that aren’t in a neutral tone—they are a dark red-maroon colour. They marry the warmth of a brown shoe with the elevated formality of a black matte shoe, all in a distinctive statement shade. They go well with navy and mid-light greys.

You can also mix things up with this colour by wearing it with a patterned suit, especially if the pattern contains a hint of red, like a subtle check or pinstripe suit. That way, the red in your shoes will complement and carry through the red in your pants and jacket. Oxblood shoes are a great way to add a splash of colour to your wardrobe and a little excitement to your formal attire.

If you are getting a custom suit or a ready-to-wear suit but are not sure which shoes to buy, black matte is your best bet. Black shiny and light brown shoes can limit your fashion options as they lean toward specific suits and dress codes. If you are not keen on buying a lot of shoes to match your wardrobe, matte black will take you from the office to a wedding and match the widest variety of suits.

Different Styles of Shoes for Suit Pants

While a made-to-measure suit may be the focal point of your attire, you still need stylish accessories in order to give that professional look. The little details such as men’s shoes help to create an individual style, crafted especially for every character. That is why we will discuss the different styles of shoes and how they affect the tailoring of your suit pants.

Oxford Shoes

These classic dress shoes are made for a formal or professional setting. They typically have a toe cap and an elevated heel, which gives them a high-class look. Since they tend to be narrow on the top, this style often requires you to size up. These shoes can be worn with a variety of pants lengths, but are typically hemmed with a little bit of a break so the socks won’t be shown. These shoes tend to be made with extra length added to the toe, which elongates your proportions and allows for wider leg pants to be worn if desired.


These Italian-style shoes feature a low heel and slip-resistant sole. They are often worn with no-show socks or no socks at all! It also provides extra cushioning and support in the ankle area, which makes them ideal for everyday hustles. The trousers tailored for this shoe style have the hem set high to expose the ankle with a tight taper, so there is no break on the pants.

They are great for business casual suits and casual looks, as well as some garden and beach weddings. However, underdressing for an occasion can be a risk and your pants absolutely need to be hemmed correctly to achieve a look that is youthful and fashionable—not dowdy. Get the right custom suit and suit pants if you plan to wear loafers for a semi-formal or formal occasion.


One of the most popular reasons to wear boots with suit pants is to give your outfit a more casual feel, making them suitable to be worn at garden weddings and outdoor events. You may also be someone who isn’t particularly at home in formal attire, but dress codes have landed you in a suit! Wearing a boot rather than a dress shoe can help you own the look for that wedding or event and will also more likely be something you reach for again, rather than collecting dust at the back of your cupboard.

A boot is a simple but effective way to inject some individuality into your outfit and add a modern flair to your look. Since the boots are high, the hem of your suit pants would also need to be higher than for an Oxford to achieve a similar break, as the boot raises the hem a little more. Similar to an Oxford, a boot can be styled with a variety of hem lengths, all down to personal taste. The main difference is that a boot will never show your socks!


At the end of the day, these are not specific rules that you need to follow to a tee—it is all about your personal style and comfort. No matter what shoes you choose, you need to have your suit tailored in the right style to ensure look your best. You might have to get the pants or the jacket hemmed, but most suits are made with a bit of room so that they can be tailored.

If you want to make sure that your suit fits well and looks good, it is best to get a made-to-measure suit with Briggins. You can get your trousers tailored to any length, and if you are unsure, you can speak to our master tailors to figure out what the best length is for the look you are going for and the shoes you wear.

We know that you deserve the best when it comes to your clothing, and we aim to deliver exactly that. Contact us today to schedule a consultation by emailing us at, or give us a call during our showroom hours on 1300 452 251.

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