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How to Dress for Derby Day: Men’s Guide

Dressing for Derby Day can be nerve-wracking for many. The regality and timelessness associated with the event makes it tough for both men and women to choose an attire that would be a perfect fit for the occasion. While women have several points of reference to take inspiration from (in the form of articles, tutorials, blogs, how-to videos and guides on dressing for Derby Day), the same cannot be said for men. So, we have come up with a guide for men to help them choose their Derby Day Suit.

Choosing a Colour Scheme:

It can be tough to justify a “basic” colour scheme. But, this cannot be an excuse for sloppy/unappealing dressing. You have to get the clothing right and nail the look. It’s best that you get things customized as per your requirements and exact measurements. A Derby day suit can be modern with an underlying traditionality to it. Spice up your monochrome clothing with a nicely coloured cornflower.

Deciding on the Suit:

For the dress code, it may be best to have a black men’s suit which is well-fitted but we would still suggest that you experiment with different colours, designs and materials. For instance, it would be refreshing to see a men’s suit in a larger check amidst a great number of ‘men in black’ at the Derby Day. Similarly, a lighter grey men’s suit would also be a perfect fit for the occasion.

Monochrome Separates can do wonders:

There are times when your Derby Day suit just won’t look appealing. When faced with a situation like that, you can opt for monochromatic separates as they are a good way to enhance your Derby Day suit look. Use a white, grey or tweed blazer and pair it with black trousers to amplify the glam quotient, yet keeping it simple. While you work on your monochrome separates, you should not forget that they need to have a hint of formality.

Accessorize with Pocket Squares:

Pocket squares can instantly enhance your entire look. Whatever may be the colour of the pocket square, you must fold it properly. Choose the pocket square keeping the colour of your Derby Day suit in mind.

“Tie” it Up:

A simple, black crochet tie can lend a classic appeal to your Derby day suit. The best part about it is that it would work well with men’s suits of different colours. Similarly, high-quality silk which is striped traditionally can also work wonderfully. Geometric prints can provide freshness to the traditionalism of a black and white dress code. Briggins provide the best men’s suits in Melbourne. We can help you nail the Derby day suit look with our customized offerings. Our travelling tailor can visit you at the place of your choice to complete your suit measurements.

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