Elegant Tailored Suits for the Men of Hobart and Launceston

A suit should be the perfect accompaniment to a man’s character. It should represent the man as a stylish and elegant individual who takes a great deal of pride in their appearance. When searching for the perfect suit to encompass all the things that make you great as the man you are, you want to find the best, the one that gives you that rush of confidence from the moment you put it on, and Briggins has just the suit for you. If you’re looking for a bespoke suit for a wedding, function, black tie event, and one that can be worn for years to come without losing its charm and sophistication, then Briggins is the design for you.

We provide tailored suits to the men of Hobart, Launceston, and throughout Tasmania. Our suits are available online, and we provide a travelling tailor service for weddings, in which we come to you and help you and your wedding party find the perfect style for the groom’s big day.

Class epitomised

Through our stylish and sophisticated collection of tailor made suits, you will find that we have put suit making down to a fine art. From the buttons selected to the finish on the lapels, and the softness and sleek aesthetic of the fabric, the collection of suits at Briggins make for the perfect reflection on the class and style of the modern Tasmanian.

Travelling tailor service

Not only do we provide the most luxurious and elegant suits available on the Australian market, we also provide a travelling tailor service specifically for weddings. We will come to you and create a style for you and your wedding day that truly represents you and the special occasion being held. We can also work with your wedding party, coming up with an ensemble for the best man and groomsmen that will be stylish and sophisticated, without taking the attention of the groom, let’s just say it will compliment his attire. From suits to accessories, shirts, ties, and cufflinks, the suit connoisseur that is the Briggins travelling tailor can make your wedding day attire something to be envied.