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The Ultimate Guide to Tuxedo Wearing

The Ultimate Guide to Tuxedo Wearing

Looking to channel your inner Ryan Gosling or Leonardo DiCaprio? Tuxedos are a timeless staple for formal events across the globe. A symbol of status, style and power – putting on your suit should feel like a transformation. To ensure you maintain the long-standing traditional tuxedo style, we have written up this ultimate guide for […]

Diving Into the Hype: All About Green Suits

Green suits have been around the block in the fashion world, showing up at different times to grab the spotlight. You know how fashion likes to recycle itself, right? Well, folks rocked green suits to stand out and flaunt their unique style in the early 1900s. Fast forward a bit to the mid-20th century, when […]

Choose the Perfect Same Sex Wedding Suits

groom suit

Your wedding day is fast approaching. You’ve arranged the reception, chosen your celebrant, booked your ceremony venue, and even picked out the music. But what about your wedding suit? While your family are feuding and drunken friends can be cut from the photo album, your wedding portrait is destined to hang on your living room […]

Wedding Suits for Grooms

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Wedding Suits Haven’t picked the right outfit for your wedding day yet? Briggins are here to help you with custom made wedding suits for grooms. Wedding suits for grooms can be classy, traditional, contemporary or a mix of each. Briggins custom made suit service means that you can design something truly unique and personal for your wedding day. […]

4 Tips for Choosing the Perfect Wedding Suit

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Your wedding’s round the corner. The preparations for the big day are in full swing. Most of the things have been ticked off the list. However, you are still not sure about your wedding suit! To help you choose the perfect wedding suit, we have listed out 4 tips. Co-ordinate Colour and Style with Bridal Party: […]

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