How to Choose the Perfect Suit for Your Same Sex Wedding

Your wedding day of your life is fast approaching, you’ve arranged the reception, chosen your celebrant, booked your ceremony venue, and you’ve even picked out the music. But what about your wedding suit? While your family feuding and drunken friends can be cut from the photo album, your wedding portrait destined to hang on your […]

The Ultimate Guide To Barber Shops in Ringwood, Box Hill and Croydon Area

A barber shop is a very special place for men, in the following guide, we will cover in detail the Ultimate Guide To Barber Shops in Ringwood, Box Hill and Croydon Area. Gentleman, never underestimate the value of a smart and stylish haircut. Your choice of hairstyle and barber is absolutely pivotal in the way […]

Pinstripe Men’s Suit

Pinstripe Men’s Suit Guide Choosing a to wear a pinstripe suit is choosing to wear a very personalized style statement. When it comes to suit fashion, nothing more clearly says, “notice me”, than that of a man dressed in a pinstripe suit. Choosing a pinstripe suit style however is not and easy challenge, paling in […]

Navy Suit – the Most Versatile Suit

Clothes bring out the best in you. What you are wearing, how you are wearing it and the way you are carrying it can create quite an impression on the people around you. Whether you are going for an interview or meeting potential investors or clients, a business suit can help in enhancing your brand. […]

Tuxedo vs Suits

Many people don’t understand the difference between a tuxedo vs a suit, and with men’s suit styles changing all the time, it’s becoming harder to tell the difference.
Whether you are attending a formal event or getting married, it’s important to know the difference and when it is appropriate to wear each style. Difference between Tuxedo vs Suits The […]

Wedding Outfits – Wedding Suits

Wedding Outfits for Men, How to Dress for your Wedding Day Haven’t picked the right outfit for your wedding day yet? A wedding generally is a formal event that calls for a standard dress and colour code for the groom. It is important for you as the groom-to-be to finalise the correct wedding outfit that will make […]

Dressing for Spring Carnival

Men’s Guide to Dressing for Spring Carnival Spring Carnival gives us the opportunity to break free from the monotony of day to day lives and have some of the most exciting, exhilarating and fun experiences. Dressing up for the diverse range of Spring Carnival events, however, can be challenging for many people. We have therefore come up with this Spring Carnival suit […]

Derby Day Suit

How to Dress for Derby Day: Men’s Guide Dressing for Derby day can be nerve-wracking for many. The regality and timelessness associated with the event makes it tough for both men and women to choose an attire that would be a perfect fit for the occasion. While women have several points of reference to take inspiration […]

Summer Suit for Mens

The Definitive Guide to the Summer Suit So the pleasant spring season has made way for the hot, sultry summer months. For most people, men specially, it may translate to lenience in terms of dress code but it is no way an excuse for shabby presentation! So, how does the modern day gentleman dress well […]

Tailor Made Suits

5 Benefits of Tailor-Made Suits Here are some of the benefits of having tailor made suits…. You get a Better Fit: When a suit is custom-made, your personal measurements are taken into account which makes it neither too tight nor too loose for you. You’re at ease, feel your absolute best and exude a confidence […]