Suits and Formal Wear Clothing for Big Men in Melbourne

The fashion industry often struggles to make clothes for big men, but at Briggins, we are well known for creating custom clothing in plus sizes. Our suits don’t just scale up uniformly and call it a day, we carefully measure and consider your unique build. Over our 15 years of operation, our custom-made suits have become one of the leading options for big men in Melbourne and across Australia.

Briggins offers the latest styles in big men’s fashion, and understand how to construct and tailor large-sized or plus size men suits, trousers, and jackets. We offer in-house alterations to ensure you get the perfect fit before you take home your suit, at no extra cost!

Our fabrics are of high quality and lightweight. Our most popular style for big men is the classic single-breasted suit in solid shades or proportional, vertical patterns such as herringbone or pinstripe.

Suits & Formal Wear for Big Men Melbourne

How to Choose Clothes If You Are Looking Big and Tall mens wear?

Anyone can pull off a suit, provided that the suit fits you. Remember that this is true for everyone, not just those of big size guy. A suit styled and made for your body will consider and balance your proportions. Here are some of the aspects to consider before shopping for big-size clothing:

Clothes for Big & Tall Men Melbourne

  • A Comfortable Fit:

    A little extra room in the upper sleeve for big men’s shirts will allow you to move your arms freely. When it comes to pants and trousers, those with larger hips and thighs typically opt for a less extreme taper, or taper from below the knee to avoid accentuating the area.

  • Select dark shades:

    For big and tall guy who wish to downplay their size, dark-coloured clothing will make you look visibly smaller. It is always safe to choose fabrics in dark basics such as charcoal and navy. For something a little more adventurous, try solid neutral colours like browns or olive greens or a simple, proportional pattern on one of the dark basic shades.

  • Belts can make a difference:

    Accentuate the waist area with the help of a belt. Use colour to your advantage here. You can use lighter shades to balance out broad shoulders and darker hues to visually downplay a solid middle.

  • Consider the details:

    Wider lapels will keep your jacket in proportion with broad shoulders, helping to downplay the width. As for style, the notched lapel is the safest choice to break up the space with clean, straight lines. Tuck your pocket flaps in to keep the waist area free of detail or break up the space by letting them hang out. If opting for a tie or bow tie, ensure whichever you choose is appropriately sized for the visual impression you’re going for. The larger the accessory, the smaller you’ll appear in proportion!

Plus Sized Men’s Clothing Measurements: The Difference between Big and Tall

Various measurements need to be considered when it comes to big-size menswear:

Difference between Big and Tall Men's Clothing Measurements

  • Big:

    Big men generally have a larger measurement across some of all of the waist, chest, and hips than what is accommodated by standard-sized clothes. No two big men are built the same, so off-the-shelf clothing is often hard to find even if it’s available in larger sizes. Custom clothing provides larger men with a good fit without the need to compromise, as they have access to the same designs and options as every other client.

  • Tall:

    These include garments that are made for men who are taller than 6 feet and 2 inches. Whether the person has a long torso or legs—or both!—determines where the extra fabric needs to be. The goal of tall clothing is to help one achieve the fit they’ve always wanted. Our custom dress shirts can be made long enough for even the tallest men to tuck in securely, with sleeves that reach the wrists as they are made to your body measurements. Pants for tall men are made with extra length in the legs or a higher rise to balance your torso.

  • Tall and big:

    Wherever you need the extra fabric, we can accommodate with custom-made garments. While raw size pales in importance to proportion when it comes to dressing well with a larger figure, our custom-made clothing has no upper limit when it comes to size.

Why Choose Briggins for Big Men’s Clothing in Melbourne?

Briggins offers quality fashion for big and tall customers. As a custom clothing brand, we always ensure that every item is designed to your specifications. We take pride in offering clothing for men of all sizes. With our range of custom options, our clients can find their perfect fit, whether they want to match the latest trends or make a style investment.

To explore the collection of big men’s clothing online by Briggins, feel free to visit our website. You can also call us on 1300 452 251 or email our team at

Check out our online store to explore examples of custom suits and styles available from Briggins. You can also call us on 1300 452 251 or drop us an email at for more information.


Here are some of the most frequently asked questions regarding big men’s clothing:

A custom two-piece suit starts at $899, but for sizes above 52, expect to pay closer to $1100. This is because, unfortunately, garments above a certain size use significantly more yardage as they need to be cut using a different layout, which necessitates a surcharge.

The surcharge applies per piece to sizes 52 and above. This means if your shoulder measurement lands in the oversize, but your waist measurement does not, you will only pay the surcharge on your jacket, not the full suit.

We offer clients custom-made suits and shirts, so there is no specific limit on the clothing size. Contact us today for more information about our measurement process.

When it comes to suits, fit and proportion are the most important factors. Keep the fabric yardage lower and visually lighter by opting for single-breasted styles and avoiding heavier suitings. A broader notch lapel will keep your jacket in proportion with wider shoulders.

A height above 6 feet 2 inches comes under the tall clothing category.