6 Ways to Spend $1,500 at Briggins


The best part of being a custom clothier is being able to offer a wide range of different garments, catering to many different clients. Whether you’re looking for a neat casual work wardrobe upgrade for the dressed-down world of the 2020s, a velvet tux for your wedding, or a statement 3-piece suit, there is something for you in our range at Briggins.

To demonstrate this, let’s go on a virtual shopping spree for 5 different men, each with a budget of $1500. We’ll be going from weddings to work, and covering dress codes from neat casual all the way up to black tie.

  1. The Classic Groom—Three-Piece Suit

This groom wears suits for special occasions but is more comfortable in jeans and a T-shirt for day-to-day life. He wants to have something special made for his wedding day, but also wants to be able to wear the suit again for other occasions—an investment piece to serve him well for years to come. He likes the idea of a vest because he can wear it as either a 2-piece or a 3-piece suit, depending on the occasion, and he’ll have an easy way to look different but still look sharp at the reception.
The way he spends his $1500 at Briggins is on:

  1. The Black Tie Groom—Velvet Tuxedo

This groom wants to go all out on his wedding look—without going all out on the wallet. The dress code is black tie and he’s after a tuxedo—sharp and striking. He doesn’t want to have to hunt down the finishing touches, with the exception of a pair of heirloom cufflinks he’ll be wearing on the big day.
With his $1500, he buys:

  • A custom-made, black velvet, shawl lapel tuxedo jacket from the Gold range. He chooses a sophisticated silver and black patterned lining and has the wedding date embroidered on the inside.
  • For the pants, he opts for the black Merino wool Classic range trousers with side adjusters. The slight sheen of the weave ties it in beautifully with the satin lapel on the jacket.
  • An ivory dress shirt to match the bride’s dress, with French cuffs to show off those fancy cufflinks—and it’s also tailored to perfection.
  • A bow tie in black silk, a plain white pocket square, and black buttons for the shirt to complete the look.
    1. The Desk Jockey—Blazers & Chinos

    Let’s head into the corporate world with our next example! This client is a seasoned professional, and he’s headed back into the office a few days a week. He already has quite the suit collection from years in the business—as well as a decent collection of business shirts—but is in need of some neat casual separates for the more relaxed dress code post-lockdown, to supplement his wardrobe.

    His $1500 budget is allocated to:

  • Two custom-made blazers from the Classic range, one a textured mid-dark blue for versatility and another rusty red heavy linen for a bolder option. The standard lining does the job, but he opts to have his initials embroidered on the inside.
  • Two ties—one black knit and one black silk pin-dot—so he can accessorise for a wider range of formality with his new custom blazers.
  • Alterations! With a couple hundred left, he purchases 3 good-quality pairs of chinos from an outlet store and brings them to Briggins to have them hemmed on the spot by our in-house master tailor. With that, his neat casual capsule wardrobe is complete!
    1. The Graduate—Ready-to-Wear Wardrobe

    This fresh graduate has landed a job with a consulting firm and has set aside a budget for a couple of suits for work. He’s a young professional, ideally after more than one suit so he can rotate them in order to prevent the suits from wearing out faster from heavy use.

    With his $1500, he purchases:

  • Two ready-to-wear 2-piece suits, one in a deep navy and one in a grey check. The deep navy can also be styled for weddings and formal events. And between the two, he covers a good range: one plain, one pattern. Both are tailored to his measurements in-house.
  • Two tailored shirts, one white and one blue, in a business cuff. He has a few other business shirts at home but wants to purchase a couple of fresh ones for important meetings and conferences.
    1. The Suit Enthusiast—Double-Breasted Suit

    This man wears suits not because he has to, but because he wants to. He has an eye for quality and wants to invest in something a little more special, and he’s decided it’s time to get a double-breasted suit. His tie collection is enormous and he has a set of cufflinks in every colour. He has quite a few shirts too, but he is pleased by the thickness of the fabric in Briggins’ staple dress shirts. He has the staple suit colours of blue, black, and charcoal, and he’s particularly looking for something for the transitional seasons—autumn and spring.

    His $1500 is largely invested in the suit, as he chooses:

  • A 2-piece double-breasted suit from the Gold range, for the half-canvas construction and specialty blends. He decides on linen blended with silk and wool in a check pattern, choosing a contrast lining that picks up the accent colour in the check for a sophisticated hidden detail.
  • A tailored shirt in ivory for the unique colour with French cuffs to display his cufflinks. He also has enough room left in the budget to purchase an ivory silk pocket square to match the shirt.
    1. The Red Carpet Show-Stopper—Midnight Blue Tux

    This man is going glam, with a sophisticated and stylish look fit for a red carpet. He never thought he’d be invited to a red carpet–event, but here he is, shopping for it! The look needs to have classic elements with a youthful edge—he wants to turn heads and look spectacular—without breaking the budget.

    He makes the dream look a reality with:

  • a midnight blue tuxedo from the Classic range, with a double-layered peak lapel in black satin. It’s a small extra charge that goes a long way—the satin can be removed by a tailor after the event to leave him with a custom suit that isn’t locked into the black tie dress code.
  • A custom lining upgrade for that extra special bit of personality. He chooses gold and red, for that luxurious edge and to reference the occasion.
  • A custom-made black shirt with French cuffs. He wears it unbuttoned, sans the tie, for a youthful edge and impeccable fit. Peaked satin lapels bring formality.
  • A set of simple black and gold cufflinks to tie the look together.
  • Whether you see yourself in one, two, or none of these potential shoppers, you can see there’s a wide range of options on offer at Briggins for a huge range of occasions and personalities. If you’re feeling overwhelmed, our friendly stylists are here to help you through the options and answer any questions you may have about suits and styling for your event!

    At Briggins, we offer custom-made suits as well as ready-to-wear tailored suits for a variety of occasions, with a focus on quality and consistency. At our small, family-run business, every client is treated to a laid-back boutique service with honest advice, whether you’re shopping for work or your wedding. Our in-house tailor ensures your made-to-measure suit will fit perfectly, so you can be comfortable and confident, whether it’s your first suit or you’re a seasoned professional.

    Ready to book an appointment? You can book a free consultation online through our website, where you’ll meet your stylist, see all the fabrics and styles we offer, and receive an itemised quote. You can also get in touch with us at info@briggins.com.au with any questions, or give our showroom a call on 1300 452 251

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