3 Style Trends That Surprised Us This Summer

Every new fashion season has its quirks, with different suit colours and styles capturing the attention of our customers as they shop for their dream wedding suit every year. Our stylists keep an eye on the trends so we can give the best advice possible to both fashion-savvy and novice clients alike, and are more than used to the coming and going of certain patterns and colours. Here, we’d like to reflect on the trends from the season as summer draws to a close!

The staple colours of charcoal and navy are always a common thread through our consultations, with the timeless black tuxedo another mainstay of the wedding suit market. However, statement colours often have their moments, too, with green taking the world by storm this summer season. While it may seem a little out of the left field, green has been a somewhat popular statement jacket choice for a few years now, being the colour to reach for—along with burgundy—if you’re after a more unique look. So, it isn’t too shocking to see it explode in popularity.

There were, however, three very interesting trends that have managed to catch us off guard this summer! Read on to learn what they are, why they stand out to us and why we think they’ve been capturing the attention of our clients.

Shawl Lapel Jackets – Without Satin

Shawl Lapel Tuxedos—the rounded lapel style with the shiny satin fabric—are a juggernaut of the black tie dress code, and a popular pick for statement jackets. Many of our custom shawl lapel jackets are made in standout colours, such as ivory, midnight blue velvet or even wine red paisley. The black satin detailing on the lapels and pockets tie it together with black pants and bring it up into the formal end of the dress code spectrum. Skipping the satin detailing was one of those options that we—as a custom suit company—could absolutely do, but it was practically unheard of.

Recently, however, we’ve had quite a few jackets made with shawl lapels – sans the satin. It’s a more subtle look, and without the contrasting lapel, it takes some careful styling to fly at a black tie event, but it has a significant edge over its Tuxedo brother – versatility.

Without the black satin locking it to black suit trousers and black tie dress codes, the shawl lapel jacket becomes a versatile statement blazer that you’ll get a lot more mileage out of. Dress it up for a wedding with a white dress shirt and black bow tie, wear it out to the pub over some nice jeans and a button-down or even pair it up with a dark T-shirt and chinos for a meeting. We’re all looking to get more bang for our budgets nowadays, and a custom jacket that can get you from a wedding to a casual lunch is a good investment indeed.

Vests with Lapels

Custom vests a.k.a. waistcoats are a popular option for someone looking to dial up the formality of their suit, stand out from their wedding party, or still turn heads once the jackets come off at the reception. We make them to your measurements in a few base styles, like the single-breasted V and double-breasted U, and can raise and lower the neckline, but there are actually a few more customisation options available on request – including the addition of lapels in any of our styles.

For years now, the vest samples with lapels have drawn many a strange look and the style went unordered. It’s a vintage style, seemingly out of place in the sleek and slim silhouette that’s most popular in recent years. Like shawl lapels with no satin, it was unheard of to have a customer actually order it..

This summer, vests with lapels have been quite a popular option, especially as odd vests – made with a different fabric compared to the jacket and trousers. Customers are drawn to the unique effect and the extra detail that you don’t find off-the-rack. It helps your outfit look a bit more put together without the jacket, which is an advantage during summer weddings.

Vests with lapels also pair beautifully with tweeds and check for a more vintage, ‘Old English’ look which is on the rise. In any case, maximalism is back in fashion and vests with lapels is a major way the trend has crept into menswear.

Black Pants with Natural Linen Shades

Linen jackets are an enduring seasonal staple, a hugely popular trend through spring and summer weddings. The most popular colours by far are cream, bone and other lighter neutral shades, including the natural colour of linen before it is dyed.

With its enduring popularity, any stylist involved in weddings is familiar with the typical colour palette of this look. Soft neutrals, dusty pinks and creams, with pants in carefully matched beiges and browns. Dried flowers and driftwood. A washed-out look, perhaps with an accent in rust or mauve. No black, bride’s orders.

you’ve read the section title, you know what’s coming.

That’s right, the new trending look with natural linens is black pants and shoes! It’s a bold combination and you need a bold accent to set it off—think deep reds, purples, gold—but it’s a punchy, high-contrast combination that has breathed new energy into this look and become the go-to for wedding parties with linen jackets.

Especially popular with larger wedding parties, a big advantage over the previous trend in linen is its simplicity. There’s no need to agonise over which of the many beige and brown shades is going to make or break your wedding look – just grab a matte black belt, slacks and shoes and you’re good to go. Ties, suspenders, and flowers are all great options for an accent colour and are easier to source in different shades. Simple and straightforward!

In Conclusion

It’s been an interesting summer, and we love to see these surprising looks! Overall there’s been a move towards maximalism, with versatility and quality as a focus. People want to have a bit of fun with their looks and make the most of their budget to do it.

Have a new style in mind, or interested in owning any of these? We’re here to help!

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