There’s a certain something about a finely tailored suit. It says as much about the quality of the suit, as it does the man who wears it. It’s for you, and only you.

At Briggins, we’re here to help men make that individual statement. We offer only the sharpest fully­tailored and ready­to­wear suits, with all the expert advice to make it your own.

It’s easy to get into our suits

Our simple four-step process takes the hassle out of buying a new suit. And that means you’ll be walking around in your new Briggins suit in no time.
Meet Up

Either come to us or we’ll come to you. It’s your choice.

Measure Up

We’ll help you discover what looks utterly awesome.

Stitch Up

We’ll be busily handcrafting your new suit for a little bit.

Head Up!

Walk tall. Walk proud. Hold your head up high! Your new suit is ready.